Sunday, January 19, 2014


Both Carnivals Dutch and French. It is a great time where the girls and the guy get to break loose once per year. Yes there are criticism especially when the girl get wild during Second Day Parade etc. but it's all pure ADULT entertainment and fun!!! There will be outragous acts, humorous acts. You will see girls dancing behind other girls, and girl bending boys over just to entertain the crowds, and the crowds love it Visitors or more conservative parents and fans can stick to French St Martin Carnival. They are "classy" they are all about beautiful costumes, choreography and makeup. They perform in heels which is very difficult so there is less improvised movement, and more choreography. I have some great video. There' good and bad new. The bad new is when I returned in 2009 I only had two very cheap-cheap cameras. Togehter they were worth 200 bucks. That didn't stop me. I came out with my to handycams. I was new, and I'm very small at 5'5 110-115 pound. So the big boys, with the big budgets tried to intimidate me, they had the money and the cameras. I had nothing, I got paid NOTHING, a brought in MILLIONS with my little low qualitiy cameras. Now I've upgraded so every year there will be better quality. You will notice a huge contrast in quality between my 2009 videos and 2014 and beyond. I shoot both hands at the same time. Right hand video, left hand photo. I was forced to do this because I realized that if you really want something done in St Maarten, you'd better be prepared to do it yourself so I did.
I do get criticism because it can be raunchy and wild. But ALL of my videos are carefully labelled. When you read "St Maarten girls gone wild", Jouvert or Second Day. The video will be wild, outrageous and raunchy. It is not for kids but shot for adults!
I also do behind the scenes with the bands, the music, the makeup, and I cover the children' parade.
So when you have your minor kid, take them to the children's parades or even to the French St Martin Carnival where they are very lady like.
The American, Europeans and Canadians I know, love the Dutch Carnival ... did you say FREE liquour and uninhibited girls shaking their little booties in delight?
Then Dutch St Maarten carnival is your thing.
Or you can be like me and cover BOTH event which are very unique and shows just how close St Martin and Sint Maarten are, but our cultures are individual.
Much more to come :)

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