Monday, December 30, 2013

the most popular st maarten carnival video wuk and drop by 4M Band

This video is crazy. Just like my blogs, I tend to post and not look back.I posted this video on 4 youtube channels, and didn't look back. Now combined over 1 million views. Free video, no budget. I used a $100 dollar camera. It's not all big bucks. No money teaches you how to accomplish everything without money. Lessons learned.

Friday, December 27, 2013


When you go to Youtube, and you see the Nokturna9 St Maarten Carnival gone wild etc videos, you'll notice that St Maarten Carnival videos can pull in more views than Brazil and even Trinidad. The videos are popular because the music is really good, and the St Maarten girl are not shy. Especially when it comes to troupes like Survivor, everybody is always waiting to see what they're going to do next. The only bad video on Youtube is a boring video. The St Maarten girls don't have no boring wine. Because I'm always shooting video and photo during the carnival, I never get to really enjoy Carnival when I'm there. It's when I get back and start editing the video, or cutting the videos to a Mastersound, is when I realize how good it was.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Youthwaves carnival st maarten one a dem, two a dem, three a dem..... VIDEOS judith roumou

Everyone notices something is different with this Band. They are the Youthwave crew outta St Martin!!! They sound different, and it's a good,unique difference. I get a lot of question from South America, where MILLIONS have viewed my Youthwave videos. People in St Maarten don't realize that not only does the majority of the world not know that St Maarten exists, they certainly have never heard our music. When I was shooting dance videos in St Louis and Illinois, the number one question was about the movements and about the music. So rather than trying to explain to millions, I decided to shoot the carnival live in St Maarten. Over 15 million views later, and people want more. So now I'm posting the photos and videos with actual blogs. St Maarten musicians on Youtube are blowing up Africa to Peru. People love the dance videos, but they also love the behind the scenes, on the trucks with the bands, the musicians interacting with the dancers. They've never seen St Maarten Carnival before, and the fact that St Maarten St Martin has TWO unique, individual carnivals makes it even more interesting to the rest of the world. St Maarten government will blow 500.000 dollars on Tempo, but would NEVER invest in its own local talents. Why? Because St Maarten governmetn doesn't want the locals with a worldwide audience, that makes them more dependent on Government for funds, and less likely to sing the truth. The music is very dancible, but the words can be cutting to the government when they are criticized. The St Maarten government only promot the bands and calypsonians that they have bought. They get all the awards and prizes, funding and promotion. One or two people get all the money, when there are hundreds of talented musicians in St Maarten/St Martin

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Yes St Maarten Carnival is known for its originality. Dutch St Maarten is known as "sassy" because there's more emphasis on wuk-up and whining. St Martin is known as "classy". Choreographed routines, drumming bands. to each his own. I like both because they're both unique. You can attend all St Martin events, knowing that when you attend Dutch Carnival it will be completely different. I'll be recording both in 2014 so enjoy